Environmental Stewardship


10 October 2016

It’s great to be back after a nice break! 🙂 Our class started with a short conversation about how we spent our inter-semester break. And after that, we went straight away with the discussion to learn about our new topic, Environmental Stewardship! 🙂

Environmental Stewardship refers to the “protection of the environment through sustainable practices; conservation of flora and fauna, regeneration, restoration and reusing, reducing and recycling wastes.” For organisations, this means putting systems in place that will allow them to; use resources efficiently, reduce waste and minimise the negative impacts on the environment, translate reduced consumption and waste into financial savings and provide a healthy, more efficient and effective working environment.stewardsstewards1

DOERS. Those who go out and help the cause by taking action. They are the volunteers who go along the beach and help clean up the oil from the beaches or those who plant thousands of trees to help save mountains. (Ex: AFS NZ, Go Kiwi Go, United Planet, A Rocha and Greenpeace)

DONORS. Those who fund the cause to help financially. They can do anything from donating their money, to having galas or fundraisers. Most of them are government agencies, celebrities and influential people. (Ex: World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Give A Little Foundation, Leonardo Di Caprio and Angelina Jolie)

PRACTITIONERS. Those who do the protesting or hold government programs about taking care of the environment. They work on a day-to-day basis to steer governmental agencies, scientists, stakeholder groups to convince them to be better stewards. (Ex: Greenpeace)

docDepartment of Conservation (DOC) is a government entity charged with conserving New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage. It is governed by the Conservation Act 1987. DOC administers 25 Acts of Parliament including National Parks Act 1980, Reserves Act 1977,  Native Plants Protection Act 1934, Wildlife Act 1953 and Ngai Tahu Act 1998. It also contributes to other acts including  the Resource Management Act 1991, Land Act 1948, Forests Act 1949, Fisheries Act 1996 and Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998. 

The agency is funded by the government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the Nature Heritage Fund and Community Conservation Fund. They look after 30% of New Zealand’s land areas, designated for conservation and protection of; landscape, water quality, visitor experience, infrastructure and facilities, flora and fauna, cultural values and heritage.

Ideas for DOC to Generate Income:
In class, we gathered some ideas on how the Department of Conservation can generate  income from local and international tourists. This can be done through; more government funding, pay-as-you-go carparks, developing smartphone apps and apps of historic heritage, creating marketing merchandise, professional photos/images that people can buy to reproduce, entrance fees on parks and hosting special events.

(pronounced as CHEEN-kweh TEHR-reh)

The Cinque Terre, which means Five Lands is a string of villages perched high on the Italian Riviera. It is located in the Liguaria region of Italy, west of the city of La Spezia, and consists of five small villages; Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. The coastline, the five glorious towns surrounded by lush nature, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO Mankind’s World Heritage since 1997.

The local people of Cinque Terre benefit not only from its pristine waters but also from its natural environment. The once peaceful fishing villages now relies almost entirely on tourism. The tiny towns with beautiful pastel-coloured houses are a popular tourist destination for American backpackers and budget travellers and German holiday makers (Italylogue, 2016). The opening of a new cruise ship terminal at the nearby port of La Spezia in 2015 has increased visitors in the villages by around 30 percent. From 470,000 in 2014 to 645,000 by the end of 2015. The cruise sector in Italy had created more than 100,000 jobs and generated revenue more than €4.5 billion (£3.3 billion) in 2015 (Telegraph UK, 2015).

The historic multi-coloured borgoes overlook the Mediterranean Sea and are nestled between rocky reliefs and stiff cliffs that are a sheer drop away from the coast. The wild nature is interspersed with vineyards, olive groves and citrus orchards (Italia.it, 2016). Here born the well-known white wine Doc Cinque Terre and the famous and exquisite, yellow amber wine Sciacchetrà. The town is especially known for its hiking trails, like the Via dell’Amore and the Sentiero Azzurro that are among the most beautiful in Italy, Europe and the world (My Cinque Terre, 2016).

In 1998, the “Italian Ministry for the Environment” set up the “Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area” to protect the natural environment and to promote socio-economic development compatible with the natural landscape of the area.

12 October 2016future

Treaty of Waitangi.pngIn our second class during the week, we touched on the Treaty of Waitangi or Tiriti o Waitangi. The Treaty is considered the founding document of New Zealand as a nation. It was first signed on February 6, 1840 between the British Crown (Queen Victoria) and various Maori chiefs (500) from the North Island of New Zealand. It resulted in the declaration of British sovereignty over New Zealand by Lieutenant Governor William Hobson in May 1840. The date of the signing has been a national holiday, now called Waitangi Day, since 1974.

After that, we discussed three different Maori values of Ngai Tahu Tourism; Whanaungatanga (family), Manaakitanga (looking after our people or customer service) and Kaitiakitanga (stewardship). We also watched two videos from Te KareKare TVNZ “Ngai Tahu sets sights on an independent ‘tribal’ economy” and Ngai Tahu “Shotover Jet – Ngai Tahu 2016 Annual Report”.


Last summer, my brother and I were lucky to have had experience one of Ngai Tahu’s and New Zealand’s most iconic tourism businesses – The World’s Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride, “Shotover Jet”. Click on our photo below to watch this memorable experience!ShotoverJet.png

activityShot.pngKAITIAKITANGA (Stewardship)
Shotover Jet has taken steps including looking at throttle and fuel use and driver actions, to ensure the new jet boats are environmentally friendly. The company replaced the engines of its fleet of famous “Big Red” jet boats with a more fuel efficient choice, to make big improvements to its environmental sustainability performance. From V6 Buick engine to a more powerful V8 MerCruiser engine, the boats are reducing engine wear and tear and fuel consumption.

It is also a member of the “Queenstown Lakes Sustainable Business Programme” run by the Otago Polytechnic Centre for Sustainable Practice. This means that they implement biodiesel, energy efficiency and integrated planning in all their services.

MANAAKITANGA (Looking After Our People)
Shotover Jet’s aim is to ensure that their customers enjoy an experience that meets the very highest safety standards. They pride themselves on having internal systems and procedures in place that meet, and in most cases exceed, the exacting industry and official requirements. In order to ensure that they operate at peak safety and efficiency, Shotover Jet is always willing to examine aspects of its operations with customers and suppliers.

Daily Boat Checks – Shotover Jet mechanical staff carry out checks daily. The mechanics themselves get assessed throughout the year by their Maintenance manager or Workshop Supervisor who audit checks to ensure compliance.

Driver Safety – The drivers undergo a minimum of 120 hours of rigorous training before carrying their first passenger. The amount of training hours that they do is over double the normal industry requirement for jet boat drivers (Shotover Jet, 2016)

Shotover Jet is part of Ngai Tahu Tourism, one of New Zealand’s premier tourism operators and the parent company of an extensive portfolio of iconic eco-tourism and adventure experiences. Other tours and attractions of Ngai Tahu includes; Hollyford Track, Franz Josef Glacier Guides, NZ Showshoe, Guided Walks New Zealand, Dart River, Agrodome, Hukafalls Jet and Rainbow Springs.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-7-05-15-pm


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[WATCH] Vernazza, Italy: Cinque Terre’s Jewel


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  1. hillarypjenkins says:

    Nice section on stewardship -your last section on the five village walk Cinque Terre was really just the start of sustainability methods imposed to curb the large swell of visitors to the region – concessions being one of them


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